On Tuesday, the Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee passed a slew of energy related-legislation, including the Nuclear Energy Leadership Act (NELA), on a largely bipartisan basis. NELA supports the development and deployment of advanced nuclear reactors and was introduced to the Senate by a bipartisan group on March 27, 2019.

NELA would establish a variety of incentives and programs to promote advanced reactors and the bill’s sponsor Sen. Murkowski touted the bill saying “[t]hese measures will help develop innovative technologies, responsibly reduce our energy and water consumption and protect our economy and national security”.

The legislation directs the Secretary of Energy to take steps to ensure there are at least two operating advanced nuclear reactors by 2025. It also would extend federal power purchase agreements from the current 10 years to 40 years, which provides an incentive for the development of nuclear power reactors at government installations.

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